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No Mixing No Mess No Match

No Mixing No Mess No Match

No Mixing, No Mess, No Match

Since the new TPD laws came into force last month we are getting more and more people coming into the store to buy E-liquid who are complaining about the liquids they have brought elsewhere ! Why I hear you ask ?? well basically some suppliers have  found a loop hole in the new legislation that enables them to continue selling a wide range of flavours in large volume, however, to be able to do so all of these liquids are being sold as zero nicotine and the user then has a nicotine shot that they have to add to get to their required strength. Here are some of the comments we have had, firstly Р its messy, secondly Рit can be a faff to do and lastly its no cheaper than buying our fully TPD compliant liquid all ready to go !

So next time you are buying your E-liquid just remember

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